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A dinosaur cartoon saying you should care about doing good :)

Over $2 trillion is spent every year on clothes worldwide.

That H&M crewneck you grabbed because it was on sale 🤑

The Nike fleece you just had to scoop up because you looked soooo good in it 😩

Those new Lulu Joggers that just fit so well 😮‍💨

…is one more single mother of 3 in Bangladesh who works as a wage slave in a sweatshop to support her family.

…one more child in a Ughyur concentration camp whose hands are bloodied from knitting all day.

…one more young girl sacrificing her body by inhaling toxic fumes and working 16 hours a day to earn a few $ a day to try and start her career.

This is sickening. Torturous. Inhumane. This is an absolute moral catastrophe.

It’s never been more important than now to buy from brands that hold themselves responsible for making clothes ethically and sustainably.

That’s our mission.

And we don’t stop until everyone on this planet is committed to doing so.

It’s time to shop altruism.